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Many cloud applications authenticate users with passwords alone. That’s an alarming notion, considering the sensitive data stored in these systems—which ranges from personally identifiable information (PII) to payment data and corporate trade secrets. While some cloud providers offer multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities, using several MFA tools from multiple providers adds complexity for both users and IT staff.  

Cloud apps need more than password protection

With RSA SecurID® Access, you get one modern authentication system capable of protecting all your apps, from the ground to the cloud. RSA SecurID Access can provide users with a seamless authentication experience when logging into cloud applications—including Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce. com, Workday and ServiceNow with mobile MFA—without compromising security or disrupting their ability to do their jobs. 

Three ways to secure cloud applications with Multi-factor authentification (MFA)

  1. Give users a choice of authentication methods: Allow users to choose the methods most convenient for them, such as mobile-optimized MFA that includes push-to-approve and biometrics—and offer it all through one solution provider. 
  2.  Challenge only according to level of risk: To further reduce access friction, ask for step-up authentication only when analytics report that a user or situation presents a risk.  
  3. Make it easy for users and admins: Many cloud application providers also offer MFA capabilities, but that means more applications and tools for the end user to remember, and more MFA solutions for you to manage. Keep it simple with one authentication solution that covers all your apps. 

 Authentication for cloud applications: MFA for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 makes it easier for employees to access email, productivity apps and SharePoint data from wherever they’re working. Multi-factor authentification from RSA SecurID Access can help you keep unauthorized users out, while ensuring legitimate users easy access to mission-critical productivity tools. 

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